Cheaper electricity with a heat pump

You pay more, costs are lower. Minister announces freezing of electricity prices from July. For electrically heated homes, fees will decrease - said Paulina Hennig-Kloska, Minister of Climate and Environment, on TVN24.

Cheaper electricity for heat pump users!

You pay more, costs are lower. Minister on freezing electricity prices from July

For electrically heated homes, fees will decrease - said Paulina Hennig-Kloska, Minister of Climate and Environment, on TVN24, talking about the new energy prices from July 1st. The Minister confirmed that market conditions allow for a reduction in tariffs. The new price regulations will ensure that exceeding the established energy consumption limit will not increase the price above 693 PLN per 1 MWh, as it is currently, but will be lower and will amount to 500 PLN per 1 MWh.

The Minister discussed who will benefit from the energy price reductions starting from July.

  • Current price 412 PLN? Now it will be 500 PLN per MWh
  • Benefits of the new electricity price freezing system
  • Average annual electricity price increases by 300 PLN

The climate minister confirmed on TVN24 that the decrease in energy prices in the markets opens up the possibility of lowering tariffs also for households. Paulina Hennig-Kloska explained who will benefit the most from the introduction of the new price freezing system. She added that the bill is currently being discussed at the Permanent Committee of the Council of Ministers, and the government will make a decision on the bill by the end of the month.

Currently paying 412 PLN? Now the price will increase to 500 PLN per MWh

The electricity prices in Poland for households remain at the level from the beginning of 2022. In the second half of the current year, the maximum price for households will increase. The average consumer not heating their home with electricity, who previously paid 412 PLN per MWh, will now pay 500 PLN. - This is the new maximum price - informed Paulina Hennig-Kloska on TVN24. When asked about the duration of the price freeze, she replied that it is planned for the second half of the year, and further plans will be included in the next budget act.

Who will benefit from the new electricity price freezing system?

- For users heating their homes with electricity, the fees will be lower. These customers consume the most energy, so it will be cheaper for them. For those who consume less, fees will increase slightly - explained the minister. - The price will be averaged, but the main goal is to solve the problem of excessive profits of energy companies and overall reduce energy costs - she added. The main beneficiaries will be households using heat pumps and chargers for electric cars. The new rules will average the two previous maximum rates: 693 PLN (for exceeding the limit) and 412 PLN per MWh (up to the limit) to a uniform rate of 500 PLN per 1 MWh from July 2024.

Electricity price increases by an average of 300 PLN annually

- On one hand, we have a maximum price stabilizing the situation of hospitals and local government units as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, on the other hand - an energy voucher to alleviate energy poverty - noted Hennig-Kloska. The Minister of Health added that 3.5 million households with lower incomes will receive an energy voucher. Predicted energy price increases will not exceed 20%, which means annual increases of around 300 PLN. The energy voucher is intended to help alleviate them.

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