Taniej za prąd dla pomp ciepła
Cheaper electricity with a heat pump

You pay more, costs are lower. Minister announces freezing of electricity prices from July. For electrically heated homes, fees will decrease - said Paulina Hennig-Kloska, Minister of Climate and Environment, on TVN24.

Sukces Thermatec na targach WARSAW HVAC EXPO!
Success of Thermatec at the WARSAW HVAC EXPO!

WARSAW HVAC EXPO - International Trade Fair for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technology. At the first exhibition of the year, THERMATEC focused on presenting the latest heat pump units with R290 refrigerant for both residential and commercia

Thermatec na Targach ENEX!
Thermatec at the ENEX Trade Fair!

The International ENEX Energy Fair is an event dedicated to the generation of energy from conventional and renewable sources. The presented devices and technologies enable the production, transmission and distribution of energy.

Moduł DTU w Pompach ciepła THERMATEC
DTU module in THERMATEC Heat Pumps

Thermatec follows the trends that prevail in the design of modern devices. We have made sure that our heat pumps are equipped with DTU modules that have a built-in SIM card. Our customer does not incur any additional fees for this.

Pompa ciepła na ekologiczny czynnik R290
Heat pump using eco-friendly refrigerant R290

Thermatec uses innovative solutions, one of which is the use of a compressor in a heat pump operating on an eco-friendly refrigerant R290. Thanks to this, we reduce operating costs and achieve a higher operating temperature in the heating circuit.