DTU module in THERMATEC Heat Pumps

Thermatec follows the trends that prevail in the design of modern devices. We have made sure that our heat pumps are equipped with DTU modules that have a built-in SIM card. Our customer does not incur any additional fees for this.

All you need to do is connect the heat pump to the power grid to have immediate access to remote, constant, and secure monitoring. If we want to observe the operation of the heat pump in this way, we do not need to connect the machine to our home Wi-Fi network. When we have the ability to track the device's actions, we gain complete control over its operation. 

Start monitoring the first start-up process of the heat pump using the DTU module on its remote control. This way you can also get rid of information that causes potential interference in the operation of the heat pump. Take care of its operation with remote service response. Access to this type of observation can be obtained through a dedicated application with operating parameters. When planning to leave home, it's worth setting the appropriate temperature in the room (e.g., lowering it). Then, at the right time before returning, we can restore the desired operating parameter. This way you can save a lot of time and, most importantly, get rid of unnecessary heating costs when you're not there.

Choose a practical solution 

The DTU module is used for wireless communication for monitoring the system and operation of Thermatec heat pumps. In addition, it collects all the necessary data when we want to keep control of the actions of our heating device. Thermatec has ensured that the DTU module is ready for use right away. You don't have to worry about providing another installation. Our specialists have placed it directly in heat pumps. The application that supports the DTU module is extremely user-friendly, and its functions are very easy to use and exceptionally intuitive. Certainly, everyone will be able to operate remote monitoring of their heat pump. It serves as a wireless communication gateway.

Monitor and diagnose all heat pump parameters

With the DTU module, you can monitor all the operating states of individual components of the heat pump and its various protections. There is a lot of diagnostic information that will give you a complete picture of the efficiency of your heating device. The DTU module is particularly useful in difficult situations that require a clear definition of the problem. It allows remote control of the controller by entering almost all operating parameters. It is a professional tool for the installer, but it brings benefits to the user as well.

The DTU module shortens the reaction time of the service and increases the satisfaction and sense of security of customers. In case of any errors, your installer receives a notification and can remotely check the status of the device.

This allows them to perform online servicing in many situations, without the need to come to the place. Adjust the operation of the heat pump to your needs and the needs of your home.

Article DTU module in THERMATEC Heat Pumps