Inauguration of THERMATEC distribution in the Czech Republic: New horizons for heat technology

THERMATEC open to international cooperation.

In the industrial environment, there are few news as exciting as a growing market and new business opportunities. For THERMATEC, the Polish leader in advanced heating technologies, the latest step towards expanding into the international arena is equally exciting.

The recent events in Ostrava, the heart of the Czech Republic, heralded the beginning of a new chapter in THERMATEC′s history. The company now has not only the opportunity to reach new customers in Central Europe, but also to showcase its advanced range of products in a fresh and dynamic environment.

THERMATEC - Synonym of Innovation

As a Polish manufacturer, THERMATEC has become a symbol of technologically advanced, clean, and economical heat in homes and businesses. What sets our products apart are the ultra-efficient and environmentally friendly heat pumps based on the R290 refrigerant. They not only offer innovative technological solutions but also feature functionality that eliminates the need for additional expansions.

The aesthetics should not be overlooked either - THERMATEC heat pumps are praised by customers for their modern design that does not interfere with the aesthetics of the place where they are installed.

Partnership with TERM eko TEPLO

Choosing TERM eko TEPLO as an Authorized Distributor in the Czech Republic was a perfect move. It is an experienced company that knows the local market and shares a passion for ecological and efficient heating solutions with THERMATEC. The combined forces, knowledge, and commitment ensure that customers in the Czech Republic will be able to enjoy the highest quality products and services.

Vision for the Future

The start of distribution in the Czech Republic is just the beginning of THERMATEC′s vision for expansion in Central Europe. Believing in the value of their product and having the support of a partner like TERM eko TEPLO, THERMATEC has all the advantages to become a leader in heat technology in the region.

The conclusion of the inauguration in Ostrava has opened the doors to endless possibilities, not only for THERMATEC but also for all residents of the Czech Republic who value quality, innovation, and durability in heating technology.

Article Inauguration of THERMATEC distribution in the Czech Republic: New horizons for heat technology