Tank for domestic hot water for heat pumps made of duplex stainless steel: heat generated from quality

When deciding on a heat pump, it's important to choose the right domestic hot water tank that will serve you for many years. One factor is the appropriate length of the coil in the hot water tank, and another is the material from which it is made.

We believe in the principle of using the best, tried and tested materials in all our products, according to the principle: "what we sell, we would gladly use in our own home." This also applies to the Thermatec hot water storage tanks, made of proven and widely recommended duplex steel. What are the biggest advantages of using this material? And what is a hot water storage tank exactly?

Starting with deciphering the cryptic acronym: C.W.U. stands for "domestic hot water" (perhaps some people were expecting some convoluted, technological acronym in a foreign language) and it is water mainly used in households for everyday purposes. The hot water storage tank collects a certain amount of water supplied from a well or tank, and heats it up so that it is ready for immediate use at high temperature.

Since this device is intended for long-term use, it is extremely important to use materials in its production that will remain resistant to adverse effects for as long as possible. For this reason, Thermatec opted for duplex steel, which is much more resistant than ordinary steel to factors such as:

  • Corrosion (even in a highly acidic environment)
  • Chlorine (present in domestic hot water)
  • Mechanical damage
  • Low temperatures


The tank is available in two versions:

1. as a complete set consisting of a 200L hot water storage tank and an additional 60L C.O. (hot water boiler) buffer. Additionally, the set is equipped with the longest coil on the market, through which water from the closed central heating circuit flows. More details

2. As a standalone 200L tank with a 3.5m2 coil. More details

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Article Tank for domestic hot water for heat pumps made of duplex stainless steel: heat generated from quality