Heat pump using eco-friendly refrigerant R290

Thermatec uses innovative solutions, one of which is the use of a compressor in a heat pump operating on an eco-friendly refrigerant R290. Thanks to this, we reduce operating costs and achieve a higher operating temperature in the heating circuit.

Compared to gas, oil or traditional coal boilers, at current fuel prices, the cost of heating with a heat pump is the lowest and it is an environmentally friendly solution. By installing a heat pump, you contribute to protecting the environment. An additional advantage is very quick installation, which does not require a large amount of work. Moreover, Thermatec heat pump is one of the quietest machines of this type available on the market. Its sound is almost inaudible and can be compared to a gentle breeze. Therefore, heat pump does not disturb us in our daily use. 

What is R290 refrigerant?

It is also known as propane, which is a refrigerant with thermodynamic parameters. It consists of a hydrocarbon that naturally occurs in nature. It serves as a replacement for known fluorinated refrigerants. It is extremely safe for the environment, even in case of leakage. However, the risk of explosion is extremely low. The environmental friendliness of this refrigerant is indicated by the GWP (Global Warming Potential) coefficient =3. Therefore, it does not destroy the ozone layer and does not significantly contribute to global warming. Its users appreciate its relatively low price and the lack of need for leak testing. The open construction of the device makes it very easy to ventilate. By investing in a R290 heat pump, we can expect a longer lifespan compared to other machines of this type. 

Despite the low risk of explosion, we should take care of our safety. It is worth installing the device outside the building at an optimal distance from the sewage system. By doing so, we save on other processes that require other machines of this type. It is very important to take care of the visibility of factory markings on the heat pump, which inform about the content of R290 refrigerant. Remember not to approach the machine when there is an open fire in it. If you plan to service the pump, always choose qualified professionals. 

The biggest advantages of R290 heat pumps

The heat pump with eco-friendly refrigerant R290 has many advantages that are worth your attention, including:

  • Extremely powerful operation of the pump even in low outside temperatures.
  • Very high efficiency of the entire device.
  • Eco-friendliness of the pump, thanks to its low impact on the greenhouse effect.
  • No impact on the destruction of the ozone layer.
  • Convenient and fast operation.
  • Easy machine operation for everyone.


An additional advantage of owning this type of heat pump is the lack of a requirement to register it in the Central Register of Operators. This is possible because it does not contain any chlorine or fluorine compounds. Meanwhile, all owners of conventional heat pumps with fluorocarbon gases are required to perform cyclical leakage checks on the entire device. Legal restrictions on this issue continue to increase. Heat pumps with R290 refrigerant are hermetically sealed, making them much safer than other machines. Remember that the manufacturer has conducted a leak test. Feel safe and take care of the environment! Start relying on the latest generation of heat pump systems. The cooling option is great, especially on hot days. Combine a convenient and practical solution with the benefits that a heat pump provides for the environment.

The world will certainly thank you for this investment, which will pay off for you many times over.

Article Heat pump using eco-friendly refrigerant R290